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Dynasty® Brush Company - Fine Quality Brushes For Art, Education, Retail, Crafts, Hobby and more !



The Complete Dynasty® Brush Product Family




Black Gold® by Dynasty® Artist Brushes

The Black Gold by Dynasty artist brushes represent our flagship premium quality brushes that will satisfy the unique needs of decorative painters and fine artist alike.  The Black Gold brush styles and sizes available include art industry standard fans, rounds, brights, flat washes, quills and much more (in both long & short handles).  The Black Gold Specialty brushes help decorative artists create unique textures and designs with just one stroke of your brush.

All Black Gold by Dynasty artist brushes are hand-crafted, kiln-dried and offer seamless metal ferrules to provide safe, long lasting, water-resistant beauty.  The proprietary synthetic blend of brush hairs enables artists to use the Black Gold by Dynasty brushes for acrylic, oil or watercolor painting.
Black Gold Open Stock (Individual) Brushes Black Gold Specialty Black Gold Brush Sets 
Black Gold Open Stock Black Gold Specialty  Black Gold Brush Sets

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New Dynasty® Artist Brushes

Explore the new Dynasty artist, craft and hobby brushes to meet your acrylic, oil & watercolor painting needs.  Choose from over a dozen new brush canisters (long & short handles), the new Composition Assortment Series for educational markets, Micron brushes for your most detailed artwork, new Dynasty Brush Series artist brush sets for oil/acrylic & watercolor applications, the versatile double-sided Duet artist  brushes and the Palmer brushes used for simple faux finishing techniques, base coating and textures.


New Dynasty Canister Assortments Dynasty Brush Composition Assortments New Dynasty Micron Brushes
Dynasty Brush Canisters 
For All Paint Mediums
Composition Assortments
For Educational Markets
Micron by Dynasty
For Detailed Artwork

Dynasty Aritst Brush Series - DB Sets (Short & Long Handles)  New Dynasty Duets & Palmers - Artist Brushes  Smartbrush by Dynasty - For Your Electronic Canvas
Dynasty Artist Brush Series
For All Paint Mediums
Dynasty Duets & The Palmer
For All Paint Mediums 
Smartbrush by Dynasty
Stylus For Your Electronic Canvas

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Dynasty® Long Handle Artist Brushes

Dynasty's long handle artist brushes offer an expansive selection of brushes to choose from for all oil, acrylic, gouache watercolor painting needs.  From kolinsky red sable, interlocked white chunking bristle, golden synthetic to camel hair, black bristle, imitation sable brushes, Dynasty artist craft and hobby brushes consistently provide a high level of performance from every brush produced.
Dynasty Brush Caniters - Artist Brushes for All Paint Mediums  Dynasty Kolinsky Red Sable Artist Brushes  Dynasty Fine Artist Brushes 
Dynasty Brush Canisters -
For All Paint Mediums
Dynasty Kolinsky Red Sable Style
Artist Brushes
Dynasty Fine Artist Brushes
For Oil & Acrylic Painting

Interlock Bronze by Dynasty Artist Brushes  Interboro by Dynasty Artist Brushes  Beau Blanc by Dynasty Artist Brushes 
Interlock Bronze by Dynasty
For Thick Oil & Acrylic Painting
Interboro by Dynasty Artist Brushes
 For  Oil & Acrylic Painting
Beau Blanc by Dynasty
For Oil & Acrylic Painting

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Dynasty® Short Handle Artist Brushes


Experience the absolute best in Dynasty's short handle artist brushes when you choose from the unique selection of blended synthetic brushes and natural hair artist brushes.  Our watercolor painting enthusiasts enjoy the proprietary selection of the Watercolor Medley Series.  The "Faux" Kolinsky, Squirrel and Sable artist brushes provide innovative synthetic blends that provide finer precision, a large amount paint holding capacity and a sensitivity of touch normally found in only natural hair artist brushes.

Whether your art expertise requires our Dynasty Quill brushes made in the old tradition, natural hair artists brushes or a superb blend of proprietary synthetic brushes, we are confident that you will be able select and purchase the right brush to exceed your expectations.
Dynasty Brush Canisters - Short Handle Artist Brushes  Micron by Dynasty Artist Brushes - For Detailed Artwork  Watercolor Medley by Dynasty - For Watercolor Painting Enthusiasts 
Dynasty Brush Canisters -
For All Paint Mediums 
Micron by Dynasty Artist Brushes
For Detailed Artwork 
Watercolor Medley by Dynasty
For Watercolor Enthusiasts

Faux Squirrel by Dynasty - Artist Brushes  Faux Kolinsky by Dynasty Artist Brushes  Faux Sable by Dynasty Artist Brushes - For Watercolor Artists 
Faux Squirrel by Dynasty 
For Acrylic & Watercolors
Faux Kolinsky by Dynasty Faux Sable by Dynasty
For Watercolor Painting

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Black Silver by Dynasty® -  Series 4900 (Short Handle) & 4850 (Long Handle) Artist Brushes

The Black Silver by Dynasty® artist brushes are available in a wide variety of individual sizes and brush styles. This proprietary mix of synthetics maintain chisel and point while holding the pigment of any paint medium (acrylic paint, oil paint or watercolor paint) with its sizable reservoir.  The Black Silver by Dynasty artist brushes  are a uniquely affordable multi-blended brush program (prices starting at $2.99/brush) that is not only durable, but also elegant for the artisan.
Black Silver by Dynasty Artist Brushes  Black Silver by Dynasty - Artist Brushes  New Black Silver by Dynasty - Artist Brushes 
Black Silver by Dynasty (Long Handle)
 For Acrylic, Oil & Watercolor Painting
Black Silver by Dynasty (Short Handle)
 For Acrylic, Oil & Watercolor Painting
Black Silver by Dynasty
For Acrylic, Oil & Watercolor Painting

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Fine Artwork by our Dynasty Featured Artists
Painted with Dynasty & Black Gold Artist Brushes
Are you a Fine Artist, Decorative Painter, Plein Air Artist ? No matter what your area of focus we are convinced that you will be able to create extraordinary works of art just as our Dynasty Artists have been able to achieve around the world with our Dynasty/Black Gold artist brushes.  We invite you to immerse yourself in the exquisite art work of Glenice Moore, Jill Fitzhnery, Miguel Rincon, Shar Sosh, Tracy Moreau, Irena Mehldau and many more artists.
Interested in joining the Dynasty Artist Program ?  Contact us today so that we can get started!
Bach Moniet - By: Glenice Moore  Petrykipka Technique - By: Miguel Rincon  Eagle Eye by Jillybean Fitzhenry
Bach Moniet
by Glenice Moore
Petrykipka Technique
 by Miguel Rincon
Eagle Eye
by Jillybean Fitzhenry 

Olde World Wine Cellar by Tracy Moreau  acrylic_on_cardboard - Irena Mehldau Harmony - by Shar Sosh 
Olde Wine Cellar
by Tracy Moreau 
Acrylic on Cardboard
by Irena Meldau
by Shar Sosh 
To view more artwork, learn about the artist and to explore brush techniques,please click here



Black Gold & Dynasty® -  Retail Open Stock Artist Brush Displays

Choose from a variety of Dynasty & Black Gold Open Stock Displays to provide customers with an extensive selection of artist brush styles, brush sizes and brush hairs to purchase.  We have developed and open stock program which makes fantastic quality brushes easy to refill on permanent in-store displays.  These functional artist brush displays are available in wood or acrylic and will integrate nicely within your store space.
If retail space is an issue we designed artist brush displays small enough to fit on a retail counter or stand as a showcase piece that will attract the attention of your store customers.  Each artist brush handle is fully bar-coded which allows for seamless inventory management and easy scanning at checkout.
Are you ready to get started ?  Contact our sales team today !

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Black Gold Specialty Collection

Beau Blanc

Faux Sable


Faux Squirrel

Golden Stag

Dynasty Quills

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The FM Brush®/Dynasty Company represents over 85 years of deep experience and the dedication of four generations of Mink family members.  FM Brush® manufactures artist's brushes for the Dynasty® brush collections to the highest quality standards.  We offer a distinguished variety of paint brushes for every paint medium (acrylic paint, oil paint, gouache paint, watercolor paint, tempera paint, and hot wax) and skill level. The expansive list of brushes that are available include: kolinsky red sable, quill, pure white chungking bristle, blended golden synthetics, blended white synthetic, pure squirrel, golden and white taklon, fine camel hair, faux squirrel, faux sable, and much more.

We invite you to explore our new web site and learn about the brushes that have become favorites of artists, students and art instructors around the world.  Be sure to visit our newly created Brush Wizard, which is designed to help you find the perfect brush with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Dynasty - A Tradition of Excellence from the Name You Trust.™